Paul Siegell

Critique and Commentary; Copywriting

Paul Siegell is the author of wild life rifle fire, jambandbootleg and Poemergency Room. He is a senior editor at Painted Bride Quarterly and a copywriter at The Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News and Paul has contributed to American Poetry Review, Black Warrior Review, Rattle, and many other fine journals. In 2015, the Pennsylvania Center for the Book featured Paul in the Public Poetry Project. Kindly find more of his work – and concrete poetry t-shirts – at ReVeLeR @ eYeLeVeL ( and @paulsiegell.

The Persuasive Copywriter:
Let’s breakthrough to the copywriter in you and put your talent for writing to work.

With over 15 years of professional copywriting experience, I don’t know everything about writing great copy, but I do know a lot – and I’d love to share some of it with you.

With the help of various writing and conceptualizing exercises, you’ll learn the basic techniques necessary to develop and write solid, compelling copy for various forms of marketing materials (e.g., print and digital ads, e-blasts, billboards, radio scripts, and more.)

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Artistic Statement:
Fifth grade, Mrs Grossman’s class: a poetry section for a pair of weeks and at the end everyone had to write a poem. My 10-year-old head had nothing. Everyone else, scribbling away, acrostics and whatnot, and I was sitting there waiting for recess. Mrs Grossman came over, sat with and asked me to name an animal. Last name’s Siegell so I said bird. “Good,” She said, “Now fill the page with the outline of a bird.” I drew a bird. Then she goes, “Write in as many kinds of birds as you can think of, all the way around your drawing.” So I did. When I was done she said, “now erase the line.”