Helen Mirkil

Art Work and Illustration

Studio in Lansdale, PA. coordinate BFA in Sculpture at Penn & PAFA. Painting MFA at PAFA. Study in composition at Barnstone Studios. Taught at Ursinus College. Fellowship in Wales, U.K. Lectures and workshops, Berman Museum: Chatham Hall; U of Mary Washington; UNC Wilmington.

Solo exhibition at Walter Wickiser Gallery, NYC. Valerie Lamb Smith Painting Residency, Chester County, PA. Large figurative paintings traveling from University of Mary Washington Galleries to the Berman Museum of Art.

Cover painting, Life is Perfect by Amy Small-McKinney (BookArts Press). Cover painting and chapter drawings, Sower on the Cliffs, poems and drawings, by Helen Mirkil (BookArts Press).

Works in collections: American Academy of Arts and Letters; Philip and Muriel Berman Museum of Art; Bryn Mawr College Library Collection; Villanova University Art Collection, University of Mary Washington Galleries; Woodmere Art Museum; James A. Michener Art Museum.

Artistic Statement
My creativity is a gift, driven in part by a childhood need to be heard. With art or poetry, I’m able to express things that inspire and/or weigh on my soul. It doesn’t matter whether I am sitting inside a grove of trees, looking into the eyes of a friend, or admiring the grace of dying tulips.

There is an internal music while I’m working. There is a dance of gratitude, to the giver, the Lord of my soul.