Ethel Rackin, Ph.D.

Director, Manuscript Services

Author of the poetry collections Go On (2016) and The Forever Notes (2013), both published by Parlor Press

Widely published in nationally recognized journals such as Colorado ReviewBrooklyn Review, Court GreenEvergreen Review, Poetry East, and Volt

Ph.D., M.A. Princeton University, English Literature

MFA Bard College, Creative Writing (Poetry)

Professor of Creative Writing, Literature, and Composition for 15 + years

Poetry Editor for 15 + years


Artistic Statement:

I have been crafting, reading, studying, and editing poems for as long as I can remember. Poetry makes my heart sing. Each poem we write has the power to transport us—ultimately returning us to a more authentic version of ourselves and of the world around us. My life’s purpose is to create a body of work that people come back to, and to help others create the poetry of their dreams.