Elise Brand

Book Reviews

Elise Brand is a poet from Montgomery County, PA. She has also been teaching English for the past 25 years. She has earned an MFA in Creative Writing at Arcadia University in May, 2014. She is a fellow of the Pennsylvania Writing and Literature Project since 1993, and holds an MLA from the University of Pennsylvania earned in 2001. Her work has appeared in journals and reviews, including Adanna Literary Journal, The Broadkill Review, The North Penn Reporter, and Mousetales Press. Elise has been both an art and photography editor and assistant poetry editor for Marathon Literary Magazine and is currently a contributing writer to Minotaur’s Spotlight. She views art and its making as gifts with which to be generous – the end result becoming something greater than itself when artist and audience connect. Elise enjoys travel and collecting exotic cooking recipes along the way. She also enjoys bicycling and refurbishing salvaged furniture. Elise lives in Lansdale with her husband, a history professor; together they share a passion for fostering kittens for the Philadelphia ACCT.